7 Best Laptop Sleeves for 2022

You probably spent about $1000 or $2000 on your new laptop and when you make that big investment the last thing you want is to get damaged.

Not to forget, the tons of data you must have stored on it that you simply cannot afford to lose.

So how do you ensure that dust and dirt do not hamper the cooling or in a moment of carelessness even if you spilled some coffee or soda on it, the laptop continues to operate just as well as new?

Well, that is where a laptop sleeve can come in really handy. But getting the best laptop sleeve isn’t all that simple. You have to decide whether you want a polymer one, sponge case, then there is also the size, enclosure, etc.

So let’s dig right into these details and find you a laptop sleeve that is worth the money in 2022.

1. Find the right size

One of the main reasons to buy a laptop sleeve is to protect your laptop from spills, dust and that is only possible if the fit is just perfect.

Put a laptop into an oversized sleeve and it will continue to move around which is bad news especially if you are clumsy and tend to drop things more often as it will result in greater damage.

And if it is too small, getting your laptop in and out itself will become a challenge. Plus, it might also start to wear and tear rather quickly.

Consider the sleeve like a piece of clothing for the laptop, it needs to have a snug fit to be comfortable.

Now, finding the right size usually isn’t that tough. That is because most of the brands such as Dell and HP provide sleeves specific to their models which basically serves as a guarantee that there is a sleeve out there for your laptop.

But do not worry if your model does not come with a pre-made sleeve as many brands do provide custom-made sleeves as well (as I said, there is one for everyone).

2. Sleeve Material

When it comes to the material two things matter the most. The first is the material itself so let’s begin with that.

Most of the laptop sleeves are made using polyester, suede, microfiber, or nylon with ballistic nylon being one of the most expensive as it is the most protective and sturdy of all.

But don’t simply choose a sleeve material based on the price, the more important factor that determines the material you should opt for is your usage.

If you are going to be using your laptop a lot and also intend on traveling with it then I would recommend getting those made using ballistic Nylon or leather as they have higher durability and can easily handle the wear and tear. yup, they are expensive but also worth every penny.

Apart from the type of material, the second factor to look into is the thickness of the material. For example, sleeves made using suede or microfiber tend to be really thin. Now, while these surely do a great job protecting the laptop from scratches, a fall is not something you can afford.

Some of the higher-end sleeves come with neoprene on the inside (very similar to how a diver’s wet suit is) which not only provides an additional layer of protection but also insulates the laptop.

3. Enclosure Considerations

To keep the laptop secure inside the sleeve there is usually a lock in the form of a zipper or flap. Now, there are open-ended sleeves as well but it isn’t something I would recommend especially if you intend on carrying your laptop without a handbag or backpack as there is a good chance of it falling out.

And if you are using a sleeve with an enclosure like a zipper then make sure your laptop is a small gap between the laptop and the zipper or some kind of protection as you do not want your laptop to be scratched every time you open and close the zip.

As far as flaps are concerned, they are pretty unreliable so going with a zipper would be the wiser choice.

4. Sleeve Add-Ons

Don’t want to carry a handbag or a backpack just for the laptop? Well, you are in luck as some sleeve brands allow you to turn the sleeve into a pseudo-bag with the help of special rings that let you hook up a strap or add-on accessory bag.

Another benefit of the rings and other similar attachments point is that they further make the sleeve more versatile. That means you won’t just be carrying your laptop but can also attach a mini flashlight, keys, and tons of other important items to it.

Some sleeves also come with inbuilt handles. But if you are going to be using handles or straps more often than not then make sure the sleeve is thick enough to handle slight bumps.

Written By Eric Smith

My name is Eric Smith and I've been working within the tech space for over 10 years, both at one of the largest computer manufacturers (for which I have no affiliation with anymore) but also in the retail sector where I gained a lot of experience in helping people finding suitable tech products.