Best Laptops for Photo Editing in 2019

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Are you a professional photo editor or an enthusiast in this field and looking for the right tool of high-speed trade? You do not have to worry anymore. Get your modern laptop and step up your game as a photo editor. You can now buy the video and photo editing laptop and watch your career go off the roof. The choices are many, but you can trust us to give you the best information on the outright choice for your job. Your clients have never been treated to such a breathtaking before.

Photo editing is one of the most thrilling and skillful activities. The job is a result of both skills and right tools for the task. To edit your photos correctly may require a powerful computer. In most cases, like a few years back, the best idea was to get a desktop PC. A laptop is way portable but used to be very expensive.

However, with the new technology changes, you can be sure to get the best deal for your job. Laptops are more portable and consume less power. To find the best laptop for photo editing could be daunting. This may require sufficient knowledge on the various aspects to be considered when buying such a device.

Why Use a Laptop for Photo Editing?

There are tons of reasons why you should be using a laptop when you edit photos. Laptops now are high performance, at a low cost. They are convenient enough to take anywhere and unlike a tablet or other mobile device, can run top of the line software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

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What You Need to Know

In 2018, laptops have grounded themselves in consumer lives with their seemingly endless capabilities and practical integration into our daily duties. They can act as a communication port with you and your friends, help you research for assignments, and allow you to work and make income. You can even edit video and photos. But, there are some things that are important to know about. The specifications need to be up to par with something like photo editing or video software in order to run them as programs. If the software is too much for the laptop, it will function poorly, glitch out, or crash, or just run extremely slow.

You need to consider storage space. This is important, especially if you plan to regularly edit photos. Over time photos and software files will pile up so it helps to have a solid hard drive with sufficient space to accommodate for all those files. If you are a photographer, freelancer or hobbyist, we suggest a hard drive space of one Terabyte. That is one-thousand gigabytes, which should be enough space. If you still need more after that, consider google drive, which has a few options on their subscription cloud storage software.

You may also want to consider the graphics card which directly affects processing speed of the laptop when running certain programs or rendering any images. Anything under thirteen inches, regarding the laptops screen size, maybe a bit small. We recommend a thirteen-inch screen and up to properly view photos. A four gigabyte RAM system memory installation would be ideal to produce a higher processing capacity. A high-speed CPU is also recommended

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Best Laptops for Photo Editing Reviews

There are tons of options out on the market today. As a professional or enthusiastic photo editor, you can leverage on our detailed review of the various laptops in the market today that are reliable for use in photo editing. We have traversed through different makes and models defining the capacity regarding CPU, RAM, storage, and graphics so as to get an idea of what should be the best laptop for photo editing.


Apple MacBook Pro w/ Touchbar

Apple has a great product every year, it seems. For its laptop, the 2018 MacBook Pro really puts it into perspective what they can do. This newest installment on the MacBook line also features an innovative touch-bar. It integrates with Photoshop and just makes the whole interface a bit more diverse. The laptop comes packaged with either a 256 or 512gb hard drive for storing photos and files. It also comes with 16gb of memory (RAM) for processing speeds far past what’s adequate to run any editing programs.

What do we think of when we consider photo editing? Some may think of software tools like Photoshop, Lightroom or many others. Others may think of screen resolution or processing speed. All of these things will make your time editing photos much more convenient and easy. The MacBook Pro contains each aspect. If you get the model with the touch bar, you have the ability to trigger some functions inside of Photoshop using it as mentioned earlier. It’s simple, practical and easy to use. That coupled with it’s thirteen or fifteen-inch Retina display, Radeon 560 graphics, and so much more makes it our best laptop for photo editing.


Dell XPS 15 Best Laptop for Photographers

Next up on our list is the Dell XPS 15 with its 4k fifteen-inch screen ultra high definition touchscreen display. Yes, you read that right. This laptop has touch screen capabilities making it as user-friendly and diverse as possible with photo editing. What can this machine do? Well, it can do almost everything needed when it comes to editing photos. It runs photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom seamlessly. With its supreme resolution, you can view photos in crisp detail while you edit them. For photographers, this is definitely a laptop worth reaching for.

What else does the XPS 15 boast? It comes packaged with eight gigabytes of RAM (system memory), enabling high output processing while you work your magic on your photos. This model also comes in up to one terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of storage space for keeping all your photography safe. It also features a 2-in-1 design, making it operate in a tablet fashion as well as a normal laptop. So, skip the keyboard and try out the XPS 15. You may just love it.


Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you want one of the best two-in-one laptops around, the Surface Book 2 is for you with its detachable keyboard and tablet functionality. It comes with either a thirteen inch or fifteen-inch display, giving you the necessary visual space to edit photos accurately. You also have the option to purchase their aftermarket Surface Pen stylus for the ultimate tablet experience.

With 1TB of storage space, it has more than any `devices previously listed here. This means you won’t be needing to worry about running out of precious storage space for a long while. For system memory (RAM), it comes with 16gb, giving the device awesome processing speeds. This is important for when you are working on your photos using taxing editing programs. This three-pound machine has a battery life of around seventeen hours as well. You can delve deep into photo editing with this machine. We assure it!


HP Spectre x360 Video and Photo Editing Laptop

The Spectre x360 could have made the top spot because of its innovative nature and all around supportive features. However, this convertible laptop lacks in only two aspects (in relation to other models on this list), it’s storage capacity and system memory (RAM). The laptop comes packaged with eight gigabytes of system memory, adequate enough to run large editing programs such as Photoshop without issue. However, other models on our list have double the processing capacity. The same can be said for its adequate two-hundred and fifty-six gigabytes of storage space. Other models that come in with the 1TB storage space range are much handier if you process photos and save files regularly.

The casing is made of faux-metal, giving it a slick and elegant look. To add to the look, you also get a beautifully crisp 15.6-inch touchscreen display featuring 4k resolution and a stylus for supreme photo editing work. You can rest assured things will run smoothly with its I7 quad core processor and don’t need to worry about the thing dying out on you with its eleven our battery life.


HP Spectre x360 Video and Photo Editing Laptop

Last but not least on our list of the best laptops for photo editing in 2018 is the Aspire e15 by Acer. This laptop is better for beginners as it doesn’t have the best of features, but is a top-notch performer. It comes standard with Windows 10 and a 15.6-inch display that is sure to blow your mind. Why is this? Well, this super easy to use laptop also comes supercharged with an i5 quad-core processor and mx150 graphics to ensure a crisp display of photos.

With a fifteen-hour battery life, you have all the time you need to make your edits on the go and keep a steady workflow throughout the day. Although it only boasts an eight-gigabyte system memory (RAM) capacity and two-hundred and fifty-six gigabytes in storage space (availability for 1TB as well), it’s still one of the best. Why is this? Well, it has all the features you would need for a superb photo editing machine, without the extras.

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