How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

If you’re not familiar with Chromebooks, then even the easiest of things can be a bit of a challenge, like taking a screenshot.

But as long as your Chromebook has a keyboard and can boot up, taking a screenshot is very easy! All you need to know is how to access the Screenshot tools.

A Chromebook’s screenshot feature is found in the notification tray (bottom-right corner) or through the keyboard shortcuts.

How to Take A Screenshot on a Chromebook

You can use either of these ways to take a screenshot of parts of or the entire screen.

Once done, your screenshots will show up in your Files app where they can be edited and saved.

Partial Screenshots

To take a partial screenshot on a Chromebook, press the keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + Shift + the cross-hair” and then click on any area of the screen.

There is a pop-up menu in which you can select “Screenshot Tools”.

To take a screenshot, press the keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + Shift + device” and then click anywhere on the screen.

A popup menu appears in which you can select “Screenshot”.

The selected area of the screen will be highlighted and saved as an image onto your desktop with its name automatically set to your username with a date attached to it.

You can also choose partial screenshots if most of your screen is off-limits for some reason and you need only a snippet for proof or evaluation.

Full Screenshots

To do a full-screen screenshot on a Chromebook, hit the Esc + Shift + F5  (or if you have an external keyboard, hit Ctrl+Alt+F5). The screenshot will appear as a new tab in the Files app. 

Here are some fancy finger-flexing keyboard shortcuts you can use on your Chromebook to take screenshots:

  • Press the ctrl, alt and shift keys at the same time to take a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • Press the control, alt and spacebar at the same time. 
  • Press the Alt and PrtScn at the same time to take a screenshot of the screen. 
  • Press alt and control and the lightning bolt key. 

If you have a Chromebook with touch screen capabilities, then you can also take screenshots by pressing the following three keys simultaneously:

  • Control + Shift + S on your Chromebook’s keyboard to take a screenshot of what is currently on your screen.

Alt-PrtScn (Print Screen) or Ctrl-Print Screen: 

  • This key combination is used for taking full-screen screenshots in Windows 7 or 8.
  • In order to take a screenshot of a window in Windows, press the Alt and PrtScn (Print Screen) buttons. 
  • You can also use this key combination for taking screenshots on other systems like Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and some versions of UNIX. 

To use this key combination with your Chromebook, you must first enable the feature.

Using Volume Down Button to Take a Screenshot 

The volume down button is used for taking partial screenshots on Chromebooks where it captures a section of the screen you have selected. It will not capture the entire screen like pressing Ctrl, Alt, and PrtScn does.

Making Keyboard Brighter for Clearer Screenshots

To make your Chromebook keyboard brighter for better screenshots, you can press the following keys in conjunction with the up-arrow:

  • To take a screenshot of an entire screen or windows on a Chromebook use any of these shortcut keys: Control + alt + PrtScrn, Control + Shift + M, Alt + Esc and Control + Shift + M (this also takes a screenshot of currently open apps).
  • If you are running in tablet mode, you can use the volume buttons on your device to take screenshots by pressing them together.
  • You can take full-screen screenshots by holding down the power button for 3 seconds and then pressing both volume buttons at once.

More Keyboard shortcuts for Screenshots on a Chromebook

Pressing Ctrl-F5

This will capture an image of your entire screen and save it on your Chromebook.

Pressing Ctrl-Shift-F5

If you want to take a screenshot of part of your screen, then this shortcut is for you. It will save the screenshot as an image within Google Drive for easy sharing later on.

You can also use this method to capture a video and photos from an external webcam or USB stick connected to your Chromebook.

Pressing Ctrl-Shift-F8

The screenshot will be saved in your Pictures folder on your Chromebook. To edit a screenshot, you need to open the image file with a web browser.

Whenever you want to share or edit a screenshot, make sure you save it on Google Drive otherwise these screenshots will disappear from your Chromebook.

Pressing Ctrl-Shift-F5

If you are running Linux on a Chromebook, then you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F5. This will capture the entire screen.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F5

If you’re running Chrome OS, then you can use the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F5 shortcut to capture your entire screen or part of it.

Written By Callum Wright

With a background as a business owner for a company wokring with 3D animation and Visual Effects, Callum is just the person you need when you need help regarding laptops for professional use like graphics designing, photo editing, and general business administration.