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How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming?

HDD VS SSD For Gaming: The Main Difference If you want to install the entire came on your SSD drive then whether to go for an HDD or SSD comes down to the ...

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? Time to upgrade?

So you probably paid about $1000 or more for your new gaming laptop, right? Paying that much for a laptop, whoa, I would have really huge expectations in terms ...

How Hot Should My CPU/GPU Be While Gaming

Gaming laptops normally require CPUs that have a high processing speed. This is because the faster the CPU processes information, the better the general ...

How Computer Screen Light is Affecting Your Sleep Pattern

Electronics come with screens to help you interact with them. Computers and smartphones represent the most used electronics with screens today, and they are ...

How to Play Android Games on Your Laptop

To be honest, all true gamer's, all true games fans welcomed appearing of PC games on their mobile phones with their open hands. But, as we all can see, ...

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