Mini-LED Screens Featuring On Apple’s MacBook Pro To Influence The Entire Laptops Market

Will Windows Laptops Get An Improvement From MacBook Pro’s Mini-LED Screen?

Apple’s refresh for the MacBook Pro that is planned for the fall of 2021 is expected to deliver a major redesign. At the same time, it will introduce a previously unseen laptop feature.

The new MacBooks will bring back MagSafe charging on top of being flatter in the overall design. At the same time, they will come with some of the traditional ports that Apple got rid of a few years back.

Both the 16-inch and the 14-inch MacBook Pro models will have the next-gen M1X processor. But the big upgrade is the screen.

MacBook Pro mini-led screen

For the first time, Apple will introduce mini-LED laptops. Both the 16-inch and 14-inch laptops will have the same display tech.

According to an Apple insider, MacBooks with mini-LED displays will trigger a mini-LED display adoption that will even pressure other notebook vendors to embrace the new tech.

The first mini-LED display was introduced by Apple earlier this year for portable devices. This was in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro which you can already get in the market.

The unveiling of the MacBook Pro was to happen at the WWDC 2021 but it did not happen.

Just like the iPad Pro release in Spring where Apple was rumored to have experienced mini-LED display manufacturing issues, the same production issues might have affected the MacBook Pro line hence the launch delay.

MacBook Pro to Drive mini-LED Adoption

According to Ming-Chi, a tech analyst, the introduction of the mini-LED MacBooks into the market will have more vendors inclined to offer the same technology to their customers. This will push the industry forward.

MacBook shipments have not grown much for quite a few years now. But it is expected with this new screen tech, the shipments may grow significantly to an estimated 20% YoY or more in 2021 and 2022.

Apple is said to be actively looking for a second supplier of key mini-LED components as this new MacBook Pro feature is projected to be just the beginning of the new display tech improvements with micro-LED screens being expected to quickly follow it starting in 2023.

The mini-LED screens are similar to the LED backlight which are available in current MacBook models. Apple uses more backlights with mini-LED for more dimming zones. The micro-LED panels will ideally allow Apple to turn the independent pixels on and off. The micro-LED technology would resemble OLED panels.

In the meantime, we can only wait and see when Apple will release this new mini-LED screened MacBook Pro.

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