Chromebook Laptops To Have Google’s Own CPUs from 2023

Google is getting closer to having its own central processing units in its Chromebook laptops. This is according to a report made by Nikkei Asia on Wednesday. The report cites people in the know about the subject matter.

It is reported that this US Tech giant plans to have its own CPUs running both Chromebooks and tablets that run the Chrome OS. This is to happen from the year 2023.

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Currently, Chromebooks use CPUs made by third parties like AMD and Intel. The new chips by Google are reportedly going to be founded on the blueprints from Arm, a SoftBank-owned British chip designer.

Arm’s chip architectures power 90% of the smartphones in the world.

Google had made an announcement earlier this month that it would be building its own smartphone processor, the Google Tensor.

This processor will power the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones that are to hit the market this fall. This is a strong indicator that these new reports on the new CPUs for Chromebooks are very true.

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