Chromebook Users Locked Out of Their Laptops Owing To A Single Typo

A hard lesson is apparently being learned by Google for a simple writing error.

A simple “&” erroneously added to a line of code caused havoc that prevented Chrome OS users from being able to log in to their systems.

According to the Android Police, Google pulled this briefly available update on the Chrome OS after realizing that it broke its users’ logins.

The extra “&” added on that line of code prevented the OS from decrypting the login information, effectively locking out users who had updated their systems.

Besides locking users out, this update also started boot loops for the affected machines. The system would keep restarting with no end.

Some users also claim to have lost important files after this update even with the cloud syncing process that Chrome OS thrives on.

Some systems are also reported to have required a recovery USB stick for them to return to a functional working state.

After pinpointing the problem yesterday (July 21st), Google delivered a quick fix but not soon enough to avoid some users’ systems being trashed.

It is still not clear how this clear error slipped through the cracks of a supposedly rigorous testing process at Google.

It, however, is a reminder to all computer users on the need for regular backups for their work.

You only need one tiny buggy update for chaos to ensue regardless of whether you are on a Chromebook or any other device.

Written By Callum Wright

With a background as a business owner for a company wokring with 3D animation and Visual Effects, Callum is just the person you need when you need help regarding laptops for professional use like graphics designing, photo editing, and general business administration.