Everything You Need to Know About Lenovo’s New Go Accessory

If you use a Lenovo laptop, there’s some good news for you. Recently, Lenovo annoucned its new accessory kit known as the Lenovo Go.

One of the most eye-catching inclusions in the kit is a portable charger that will allow you to charge your laptops anywhere, anytime without thus eliminating the need for cords and power source.

This is perfect for the workation you have been pondering on for so long. But that’s not all.

Also part of the kit are a vertically oriented mouse, and an ergonomic split keyboard all tailor-made to work seamlessly with the new range of ThinkPads and ThinkVision laptops Lenovo announced during the launch.

A little more about these peripherals below:

Goodbye cords, time to go all cordless

If you have a 13” or 14” laptop that charges using a USB-C kit then this charging kit is for you.

Included in the package is a silver-metal charging mat that operates on the Power-by-Contact (PBC) technology.

Just plug this mat into the 45 or 65-Watt charger, attach the receiver base to a USB Type-C port on your laptop, and voila, your laptop will start charging.

And when it is done charging or you need to move the laptop, just pick it up and walk (yup, it is that easy).

To top it all, this piece of portability and convenience will cost you less than $150. And considering it isn’t limited to just Lenovo laptops, we’d call it a steal for everyone. Know more about the charger in the video below.

Coming to the new mouse and keyboard, it may take sometime getting used to them but you’ll see the benefits with time. The keyboard comes with a lifted, curved design along with split keys.

There’s also a cork wrist rest that provides comfort and ensures you do not end up with issues like carpel tunnel syndrome and so on. Furthermore, it also adds to the look as it blends in perfectly with any decor.

While you might feel it isn’t very durable due to the lightweight build the coating ensures it will last you for years without any problems. In case you still prefer it without the wrist rest, you should get the Go Wireless Split which will be launched in October 2021.

This is Bluetooth wireless keyboard that will cost you less than $100 and is equally comfortable to type using.

As for the mouse, it is also ergonomically designed which means user comfort is at the forefront of the design.

When I say ergonomically designed I mean it has a vertical design that aims to reduce pressure on the wrist to prevent injuries. It does so by ensuring your hand isn’t parallel to the desk every time you use the mouse.

At the bottom is again, the cork design and feels comfortable. It also offers an excellent tracking resolution of 2400dpi. It is expected to launch in August and will cost you around $50.

So what do you think about these announcements? Which peripheral excited you the most? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll talk more about them after launch.

Written By Eric Smith

My name is Eric Smith and I've been working within the tech space for over 10 years, both at one of the largest computer manufacturers (for which I have no affiliation with anymore) but also in the retail sector where I gained a lot of experience in helping people finding suitable tech products.