[New Launch] Samsung Galaxy Book Go – Your Choice Budget Laptop Powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon

Samsung has just introduced the Galaxy Book Go, an affordable laptop that works with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which was introduced recently.

The Galaxy Book Go is a slim and portable 14-inch Windows 10 ARM laptop built around the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 (refreshing the original 7c chip).

It boasts all the usual benefits you would expect from such an “always connected” laptop, including an LTE connection (so you can always be online when and outside), and an impressive battery life.

Get to know the Galaxy Book Go

Samsung Galaxy Book Go

No matter the task, the Galaxy Book Go helps you work with pleasure.

Designed to cool without a fan, the Galaxy Book Go features a lightweight design and advanced energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon computing platform that delivers reactive instant performance that consumes less power while keeping the battery charged longer – keeping you on top of your to-do list.

The Galaxy Book Go Advantage

How does the Galaxy Book perform in terms of CPU speed, battery charge, screen quality, and more?

Powerful and quiet

Keep calm with the powerful computing platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2, which provides a quick response to fanless performance – for a light, fast and quiet device.

Power for hours

Send emails, hold virtual meetings, stream videos, check social media, and more.

Galaxy Book Go helps you stay connected and wireless for up to 18 hours with a fully charged sleek battery.

Thin and Impact resistant.

Shock-resistant and durable with a suitable 180-degree hinge, this compact and lightweight laptop imprints sophistication in silver.

Work and play with the rest of your galaxy.

Pair your devices and easily switch from work to privacy on your Galaxy Book Go. You can easily share files between devices using Quick Share.

Hide the rest of the family crowd by removing background noise and more.

Pair quickly, effortlessly

Play games on larger screens. Or connect your Galaxy Buds Pro and smoothly switch from video conferencing to going out with friends.

Look like a professional, even in your living room

Make WFH for you with tools to help you look and do your best.

Attend a last-minute morning meeting and still make a good impression with the camera beautification filter.

Set it as a second dual-performance screen.

Do more with a Wi-Fi network, which is much better

Do more on the go with a fast and smooth Wi-Fi connection.

We can expect this Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 powered laptop to comfortably work for up to approximately 20 hours on a full charge.

Samsung Galaxy Book Go Launch

Samsung Galaxy Book Go is ready for pre-sale orders, ranging from $ 349. It is expected to hit the shelves on June 10th.

Written By Eric Smith

My name is Eric Smith and I've been working within the tech space for over 10 years, both at one of the largest computer manufacturers (for which I have no affiliation with anymore) but also in the retail sector where I gained a lot of experience in helping people finding suitable tech products.