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At Laptop Verge our goal is to assist our readers in their search for their next laptop. We are convinced that there is a perfect option for everyone regardless of their needs and how they intend to use it.

You just need to know what features and specifications will be important for you and what to look for before pulling the trigger. This is where we come in! We provide guides where we go through the most important things for you to think about in your process of buying a new laptop depending on your specific needs, budget, and usage.

What We look for in a laptop?

We believe in one thing. Value!

That’s why, when we do the research before recommending a laptop, we also have the price point in mind. Which laptop offers the value for the money related to the specific need of the buyer or the purpose of the laptop.

There might be better options out there in terms of performance but maybe the difference in performance or features are not justified by the high price tag. In our research, we take as much information into account as we can find like buyer’s review and information from the manufacturer.

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Meet the team.

Senior Editor

Eric Smith profile picture

Eric Smith info@laptopverge.com

Founder of LaptopVerge, Eric fell in love with blogging at the age of 15. He went on to complete his MBA in IT and even scoring a job at HP. Learning more about laptops at HP, combining his love for blogging and his knowledge of laptops was the obvious step and thus LaptopVerge was born. When not working, you’d find him either reading or cooking.

Gaming Laptop Editor

Ronald Patrick

Ronald Patrick

Pat is the gaming addict in our team. Whether it is Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, or Minecraft, there’s not a game this guy doesn’t play and knows everything you need to do to enjoy lag-free gaming on your desktop and laptops and thus, who better to cover reviews of laptop for gaming and other graphic-intensive tasks, right? When not gaming, hmmm, don’t think that happens.

Professional Laptops Editor

Callum Wright

We wanted to expand to laptops for professional use like photo editing, video editing, etc. and that’s where Callum comes in. He’s not just an artist but an experienced blogger as well writing tips and tricks on editing, rendering, etc. for newbies thus, making him the ideal choice to further expand our blog into laptops for various artists. He’s also responsible for the design aspect of the site (obviously).


Katie Velasco

Katie joined the LaptopVerge family about a year back and since then has become an indispensable member of the team. Having previously worked with other multi-million dollar tech businesses, her marketing expertise has helped scale LaptopVerge to newer heights. From social media to SEO, she is the one woman army we desperately needed.

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