Dell vs HP – Which Laptop Brand is Better and Why?

Laptops have become integral parts of our lives. Gone are the days when desktop PCs were the most widely used computing tools around the world.

The 21st century now requires not only a fast, durable and smooth working machine, but also a portable one.

This growing demand for laptops has led to a variety of products in the market. Today, you can see laptops from all brands with different specifications.


Dell is an American based multinational organization that deals in the manufacturing and distribution of technological equipment. When it comes to producing laptops, Dell has been superb.

Their portable computing products are suitable for anyone familiar with the Microsoft Windows platform. Dell also produces laptops in a wide variety of price points because of their broad clientele network.


If we talk about design, then many users around the world claim that Dell has not been particularly keen on optimizing the design of their laptops. Instead, they focus more on the power and reliability of hardware components. However, some users say they still come up with better design ideas than HP.

Dell has introduced sleek design concepts into their latest laptops. For example, Dell’s XPS 13 is widely popular among many users worldwide when it comes to design. It has a slim profile and white-gold chassis that has an aesthetic appeal.

For gamers, their Alienware laptop product line is among the top choices in the market today. These have backlit keyboards and fancy logos along with sleek form factors that appeal to many gamers.

Dell beats HP when it comes to design. In fact, a match-up of the Dell Inspiron vs the HP Pavilion (two of the best laptops produced by these brands) will clearly be won by Dell.


This is Dell’s forte – Components. Dell not only fits high-quality components inside its laptops, but also powerful ones. Since Dell produces laptops ranging from budget products to high-end laptops, they manufacture laptops with various versions of processors, graphics cards and so on.

For business purposes, you can easily find a laptop with Core i5 6th generation processor along with an Intel HD integrated graphics card. However, you can find a high-end laptop with a processor as good as a Core i7 8th generation Intel processor along with the latest video card like the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

Dell’s Inspiron series and its Alienware product line show that Dell not only produces high-quality products, but also a variety of choices for each user.


Innovation is one of the major factors in the Dell vs HP debate, and Dell tops this area. They continue to experiment with a lot of different technologies and design concepts for their laptops.

Traditionally, Dell produce heavy laptops with bulky form factors, and average dual Core processors were fitted into these laptops, which made these more suitable for general business purposes.

However, the research and development department of Dell continues to do a good job, and with the aim of expanding its market, Dell continues to innovate in the manufacturing and design of laptops.

Take the example of Dell’s XPS series. Unlike the traditional versions of Dell’s laptops, the XPS series consists of slim and lightweight laptops with innovative features that allow users to control their mobile phones with their laptops.

Or even the Dell Precision Series which has ample power and memory for it to be one of the top video editing laptops in 2019.

On the other hand, Dell has come up with a Control Centre for its Alienware laptops, which allows users to change settings according to each game.

However, Dell’s latest innovations have been limited to just their high-end laptops, according to many users. They also claim this is something that Dell has to improve on because they serve a wide customer base.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Dell definitely takes the lead in the HP vs Dell debate. Dell offers among the best customer support services in the industry. In fact, if you look closer at the 5-star reviews of Dell’s laptops on Amazon, many of these users rave about their fast and efficient customer support.

Plus, all Dell’s laptops come with an excellent warranty, and in case something gets broken, Dell responds immediately. In case problems persist, Dell replaces faulty products right away, without causing any inconvenience for their customers.

Why Dell Stand Out

Dell stands out because of the wide range of products they produce, ranging from high-end laptops to budget ones.

Plus, Dell doesn’t compromise superior quality for user price, and in case something goes wrong, their fast customer service is right there to cater to the needs of their customers.

Dell continues to introduce more laptops, and this makes Dell a favorable brand to invest in when it comes to buying laptops.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP is a direct competitor of Dell. They too are very popular among many users worldwide. HP originally started making robust workstation laptops, which weren’t expensive though not quite aesthetically pleasing when compared to other models from a variety of brands.

Nevertheless, their earliest laptop products had durable form factors and high-quality components. Recently, HP has expanded their production and manufacturing campaigns to serve a wider variety of users around the world.


HP has improved a lot on the design of their laptops, especially when compared against their earliest laptop workstation models. HP’s new models, more notably their Spectre x360 product line, have an aluminum chassis in silver color with expertly crafted hinges that allow the laptop to transform into a tablet.

In the Dell vs HP debate, the race for the best design concepts is tight between these two brands. Both have raised their standards when it comes to design innovation. However, HP has an upper hand over Dell in this area with the release of their newest products.


When it comes to CPU, RAM and video card, Dell has an upper hand. Although HP also provides hardware components in their laptops that are similar to the specifications of Dell laptops, HP is not as good as Dell when it comes to quality.

Dell’s processors are faster and more reliable, compared to HP laptops with the same specifications. However, HP still makes robust laptops with generally longer battery life, and this makes their laptops suitable for heavy use.


As mentioned earlier, HP has also raised its game like Dell when it comes to innovating and introducing newer laptops with enhanced features.

However, Dell has innovated more because they specifically continue to target their laptops at users with more innovative needs in terms of business and gaming.

On the other hand, a significant part of HP’s focus is on other products like printers and scanners. HP has not specifically directed their innovative efforts towards the development of laptops.

Nevertheless, more recent HP laptops continue to be equipped with enhanced features. Although not as innovative as Dell portable computing products, HP laptops are still up to the mark by today’s standards.

Customer Support

HP goes the extra mile to make sure that their customer support continues to be a valuable benefit for their users. Aside from phone assistance, HP provides support services through social media networks and their official YouTube tutorials.

However, many users claim that HP’s phone support services aren’t as good as Dell’s.

They reported delays in assistance because most of HP’s support services are outsourced. All in all for these customers, they say Dell’s customer support is far better than HP’s.

Why HP Stands Out?

HP stands out because it produces laptops with visually appealing form factors and high-performance components.

HP delivers cool looking laptops with sufficient technical resources for compute-heavy tasks required by both gamers and business users alike. 

HP provides a lot of choices, ranging from budget laptops to high end products with world-class components.

Final Verdict

Both HP and Dell are among the best laptop manufacturers today. In fact, these brands are quite popular among many gamers, business users, students and casual users around the world.

However, in deciding which is better – Dell or HP, it’s crucial for each user to carefully review any product from these brands.

To summarize – HP is better at designing the form factors of their laptops, while Dell produces more innovative designs, provides better customer support and integrates higher class components into their recent product lines.

The final verdict on the Dell vs HP debate is that Dell is better than HP. That’s because they aim to innovate the form and function of their laptops based on the current needs of their target users, all while providing world-class customer support services.

As for HP, they have certain laptop models that can be more beneficial and accessible to some users than counterpart models from Dell, especially when it comes to price.

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