Buying a Laptop Made so Simple, Even your Grandma Could Get One

And to further provide a helping hand, here’s a fun quiz. Just answer a few questions and you can skip past the hassle straight to laptop picks that best suit your budget and needs.

Gaming Laptops

10 Best Laptop for League of Legends in 2021

Which is the Best Laptop for Minecraft in 2021

Which is the Best Laptop for Overwatch in 2021

Professional Laptops

Best Laptop for FL Studio in 2021

Best Desktop Replacement Laptops in 2021

Best Laptop for Stock Trading in 2021

How to’s

How to Remove Stickers From Your Laptops

How To Clean a Touchscreen Laptops


Our 4 Step Process For Picking the Best Laptops

Heat Test
Heat Test

If a laptop heats above 45-degree, it is what we call ‘a frying pan’. To test this we gauge temperature of the hottest parts under heavy usage when on battery.

Display Test
Display Test

Color, brightness, contrast, glare, reflections, angles of view, etc. we test and rate on every aspect of display

Battery Life
Battery Life

Tired of all the vague battery stats? We test the battery with and without power saving settings under intense pressure to give you the accuracy you want.


A combination of software and tools help us stress-test the GPU, CPU, Storage, etc. under a range workloads.

Pick a Laptop by Preference

by Games

Minecraft, Overwatch to Fortnite, whatever your gaming needs, there’s a laptop for you.

By Budget

Maybe you don’t want to spend $800+ on your new laptop. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

By Brand

Are you choosy about brands? From HP to Dell, we compare and review them all.

By Screen Size

Do you refer a big 17″ screen or a more compact 11″ display? Well, we reviewed them all.

Our Top 3 Brand Comparisons

From customer care to their various ranges of laptops and Chromebooks, we compare the good, bad, and ugly between the laptop brands so you can buy better.

Dell vs Lenovo
Acer vs Asus
Hp vs Dell

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