How To Connect Airpods To Windows Laptops and MacBooks

Connecting AirPods to laptops, as you’ll get to see, is not in any way related to your device’s operating system. It can run on any non-apple machine with Bluetooth settings hassle-free. Adding to the allure of the already reputable Airpods is their accompanying accessory, that is, the charging case.

Ultimately, you can listen to quality sound in the kitchen while your laptop is charging in another room without any interference as long as your devices are in the same Bluetooth range.

How to connect AirPods to Non-Mac Laptops

It is wise to keep the earbuds charged as you anticipate using them. The following steps will guide you in knowing how to connect AirPods to a Windows laptop.

  • Power on the laptop and go to the ‘Start Menu,’ and open ‘Settings.’ Otherwise, on the search box, type Settings and search.
  • Click on ‘devices.’
  • Turn on Bluetooth, and your device will immediately highlight it. Then click ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’ and select Bluetooth.
  • Slightly open the lid on the Airpods case. Press and hold the small button on the back of the case for a few seconds until the status light found at the front of the case blinks white.
  • In the list of the Bluetooth devices found by the laptop’s Bluetooth, the AirPods may appear first as ‘headphones’ and immediately convert to ‘Airpods.’
  • Click on Airpods, and automatically the two devices connect. Upon a successful connection, you will observe a ‘successfully connected’ message displayed on the screen of your laptop. 
  • Put the earbuds on the respective ears and select the music or audio one wants to listen to and enjoy quality sounds without any hindrance.

How to Connect AirPods with Mac Laptops

Using your Airpods with Mac laptops is by far the best combination ever. Unlike with Windows laptops, where you’ll only use the earbuds for audio listening purposes, things are a whole lot different with a Mac device. A Mac laptop provides for auto-detection.

“But what does this even mean?” you ask. Well, it’s a pretty basic idea. Simply put, the audio stops when one earbud is removed and resumes immediately after the earbud is placed back. Moreover, the user can access Siri.

You may achieve Linking Airpods in two distinct ways. These are as follows;

Method 1

This method guarantees successful connectivity when the buds had a connection with iPhone before. This particular aspect comes into play when the iPhone and Mac are signed in to iCloud with similar Apple ID; hence, the Airpods are ready for connection.

When the factors mentioned above have been considered, users can go ahead by plugging the buds into their respective ears (left bud- left ear and right bud- right ear). Afterward, one can decide to either click the Bluetooth menu or volume control in the menu bar on the PC and choose AirPods on the list. With a successful connection, you should hear quality audio. Voila!

Method 2

You should follow the following steps;

  • Switch on the laptop, choose ‘System Preference’ from the Apple menu bar, and click Bluetooth.
  • Switch ON Bluetooth and put AirPods in their charging case where the casing lid is left open.
  • Press and hold the set up button on the back of the case for a couple of seconds till it flashes white.
  • Select Airpods in the ‘Devices’ list, then click connect. When the connection is successful, you should hear high-quality audio, and if you don’t hear any sound, you may opt to adjust your volume. If still experiencing difficulties, you may repeat the process once more. This should fix things for you.

Fixing Errors associated with Windows 10 laptops

There are times when connecting Airpods to Windows 10 laptops may experience a few technical hiccups. To solve these syncing problems, one should consider doing the following;

Disable Bluetooth on other devices. If you paired the earbuds with an iPhone, it’s only fair that you switch off the Bluetooth to ensure that you will only connect the device to the Windows 10 laptop.

Open the lid on the charging case. When opened, the lights turn green, indicating the smooth connection between the earbuds and the Windows laptop.

This may be the last option to perform if the above two do not solve the problem. Repeat the connection severally until the link is successful.


Q1. Why can’t I connect my Airpods to my MacBook?

Sync errors may occur between AirPods and MacBook when it’s not up to date. Before anything else, a user must ensure that their Mac is macOS Sierra or later for the 1st generation Airpods and MacOS 10.14.4 or later for the 2nd generation.

Q2. Why won’t my Airpods connect to my windows laptop?

The connection may be altered if the Airpods were paired with iPhone before and its Bluetooth setting is still on or when it’s not in its case during the connection period.

Q3. Can Airpods connect to PC and iPhone at the same time?

Yes. Both PC and iPhone can be connected in tandem with AirPods when the Bluetooth is on. Steps to follow include;

  • Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone and then turn off Bluetooth on Mac.
  • Insert one of the buds in their respective ear while leaving the other one in the case.
  • Connect the pod in the ear with the iPhone. Try playing some music or listening to any audio to confirm whether the link is successful.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on Mac and put the remaining bud in the other ear. Play some music to authenticate if the connection is successful.

Q4. Why are my Airpods not playing any sound?

There could be many a reason for this sort of hiccup, such as the AirPods being dirty. Earwax, sweat, and dirt may clog the buds. Secondly, the volume may be low or muted on the pairing device, and lastly, the connection may be unsuccessful.

Q5.Can I pair my Airpods without a case?

According to Apple Store, the case’s purpose is to juice up the Airpods. However, as you will find out, for you to establish a successful connection or to fix some of the errors, having or not having the case is consequential. Nevertheless, it is recommendable that one should have the case nearby; it wouldn’t hurt to carry around since its size makes it more manageable.

Q6. Can you use Airpods on a PC without Bluetooth?

This is impossible because the connection entirely relies on Bluetooth. However, for PCs that lack built-in Bluetooth hardware, linking the two devices can be achieved by employing a Bluetooth adapter.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, connecting AirPods to devices is independent of a device’s OS since it relies only on Bluetooth connectivity, which most laptops are equipped with. This effectively makes this product a must-have. Albeit AirPods connecting smoothly to non-Mac devices, you can only attain some of the product features with Mac laptops and not non-mac devices.

The correct know-how on connecting AirPods to laptops is simple and easily achievable. Pairing AirPods with your computer of choice guarantees you a Hassle-free, reliable, and versatile option to enjoy your audio output.

Always ensure that the AirPods are charged, and the case is close by when making the connection. Besides, follow the tips above in solving sync problems between the two devices whenever the same come up.

Written By Callum Wright

With a background as a business owner for a company wokring with 3D animation and Visual Effects, Callum is just the person you need when you need help regarding laptops for professional use like graphics designing, photo editing, and general business administration.