How To Connect a Laptop To Your TV Wirelessly

Is your laptop screen not as bright as before? Or maybe it has a crack on it. If you work from home or watch a lot of movies, you have two choices.

You can either get a bigger, brighter, and clearer 17″ laptop for movies or make use of a TV that you don’t otherwise use.

And in case you opt for TV, here’s how you can connect your laptop to the TV wirelessly.

Streaming Devices

Streaming devices are a popular option if you want to view your laptop screen on your TV.

The devices come in all shapes, sizes, and price points: from the Google Chromecast which retails for as little as $35, to the Roku 4 Streaming Stick+ which is $99.99 on

Both offer a wireless connection and can be controlled using a mobile device or your TV remote control.

But they also have some key differences in terms of features and functionality.

For example, the Roku 4 allows you to play games, while Chromecast does not; Roku offers more channels than Chromecast does, etc.

Therefore, if you know exactly what you want to watch and it’s on a specific channel/app, then look for a streaming device that offers that content.

Laptop-To-TV Wireless Adapter

If you have an older TV, then the simplest and cheapest option is a wireless adapter that connects to your laptop’s display port.

These cost around $10 and can be found online or at your local electronics store.

You’ll need to find one with an HDMI output so that it will fit into your TV’s HDMI input port.

If you’re not sure which one to get, read the reviews and make sure the adapter has received good reviews from people who have bought it before.

Using a Tablet or Smartphone as a Wireless Remote Control

This is an option for those who want to watch content on their tablet or smartphone, but don’t have a streaming device for their laptop.

The apps are available for both iOS and Android: they’re called “Chromecast Apps” and they allow you to stream content from the mobile device directly to the TV via Chromecast.

You’ll want to download the app from the Google Play Store for Android and from the Apple App Store for iOS.

How to Connect With a Windows 10 Laptop

Connecting your Windows 10 to TV wirelessly is easy and fairly quick to do.

What You Need

The first thing you need is a device that can cast the screen of your laptop.

There are many devices available, such as a smartphone or tablet with AirPlay or Miracast support, and a streaming media player like the Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.

Some laptops come with casting capabilities built-in – for example, Apple Macs and Google Chromebooks – while some TVs now have the necessary digital ports too.

The Steps

In order to connect the laptop wirelessly to the TV, here is what to do:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu

Select Display & touchpad from the list.

Scroll down to Manage your display devices.

Step 2: Find the manufacturer of your laptop in the list and select it from the menu

You’ll see a list of all available ports for your laptop.

Select one of them to connect it to your TV, and click Connect.

The TV screen you will be able to connect through this device will be controlled by your computer’s mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen input device(s), so you will have full control over what is being displayed on your TV screens.

Step 3: Watching TV on Your Laptop Screen

Make sure you have the device you want to use with your laptop connected.

Log in to the device and launch the app again.

The app will be displayed on your TV screen, and now you can choose what to watch!

You can also use your computer’s keyboard and mouse to navigate through the options (or swipe) if using a tablet or smartphone.

Are cable-free cables used to connect laptops to the TV wirelessly?

No, not directly, but there are several solutions for this.

What You Can Do Now?

Now that you know how to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly, you can start trying out what’s available and choose which device works best for you!

It is worth noting that computers with built-in screencasting capabilities often have a slightly lower resolution than other devices – try your options and decide depending on your needs.

A few notes too that you need to have in mind is that if you want to connect your laptop to your TV in order to stream youtube videos, for instance, ensure that you have a reliable connection.

Secondly, when your laptop is paired with your TV screen, you will enjoy screen mirroring on an extended screen.


Be advised that a wired connection is faster and more reliable but it will require plugging in multiple items like cables, adapters, monitors, etc.

But if speed isn’t an issue for you (or if it’s something like YouTube videos), then go with a wireless solution! The easiest solution is to use a streaming device as we’ll explain below.

It is easy to convert your laptop into a wireless TV set without the use of via the various streaming options available out there, or with a USB-C HDMI adapter cable, or even use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV as outlined in this article.

Try it out and enjoy an awesome watching experience.

Written By Callum Wright

With a background as a business owner for a company wokring with 3D animation and Visual Effects, Callum is just the person you need when you need help regarding laptops for professional use like graphics designing, photo editing, and general business administration.