How To Factory Reset Your ASUS Laptop

Getting annoyed because your laptop is not running properly? Does it prompts weird error or perform slowly than usual? There is a solution to your problem:  back up you’re your files and perform factory resetting.

Factory resetting will bring your computer back to a “like new” state with only the essential files and programs left on your device. In this article, we are going to go through the steps for how you can factory reset an Asus laptop so that it runs smoothly again. 

How to Factory Reset Windows 10?

In a nutshell, the Reset feature of Windows 10 will get rid of all the crapware installed on your system by the computer manufacturer and factory reset your Windows 10 system. The only thing that this feature does not do is to backup your data. 

So, if you want to preserve the data that you have on your Windows 10 hard disk, use a disk partitioning utility or one of the other methods described below to completely wipe out all the data on your computer.

Step 1: Open your ASUS laptop and head over to “Settings. After that, choose “Update & Security” and click “Recovery”.  Then, you’ll see a “Get Started” button right under the “Reset this PC” option.

Step 2: Hit the “Get Started” button and you’ll see a new window popping out. Choose the “Restore Factory Settings” option to factory reset your laptop.

Note: You can also see the Advanced Startup option. If you are knowledgeable on the technical side of modifying your laptop, this one is a better option. It is helpful when your manufacturer offers an external drive that contains an image to restore its factory setting. 

But if not, better not to touch it. 

Step 3: Once done, you have to choose the right options on the screen based on what your laptop needs.  You have two options here. First, you may keep all your personal files and just remove any downloadable drivers and apps. But you’re also free to just remove everything and start from scratch. 

Step 4: The last prompt message will display the Restore button. Hit it to start your laptop factory resetting process.

Resetting Windows 7 ASUS Laptop

Last year, in January 2020, Microsoft finally cut its support for Windows 7.  To simply put, Microsoft won’t send any more critical security updates, making the device vulnerable. Hence, it is highly suggested to upgrade to Windows 10 before anything happens. 

Step 1: To start, open your Windows 7 ASUS laptop. Then go to “Control Panel” >> “Programs and Features”. 

Step 2: Make certain that View by is set to Category and select System & Security.

Step 3: Choose Backup and Restore.

Step 4: Under the Recovery tab, look for the link “Recovery system settings on your computer”.  Click it. 

Step 5: Select the “Advanced recovery methods” link.

Step 6: From there, you can select either to reinstall Windows thru an installation disc or utilize a system image you just created. 

Step 7: Choose the ‘Back-Up Now’ link when the prompt message appears so you can back up all important files. 

Step 8: Then, hit up the Restart button. 

Bear in mind that you may also have an option to boot your computer using a USB flash drive and load the system of your choosing. But this is only for experienced users or those who have a good understanding of how their ASUS laptop works.

Step 9: Once done, you’ll then be given the choice to repair Windows with the same process again or you can opt to reinstall Windows 10. 

If you select this, all data on the hard disk will be lost along with all programs installed and personal files.

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How do I Reset my Asus Laptop tWithout Password?

 To do this, you will need a Windows installation disk. Insert the Windows installation disk into the DVD drive of your ASUS laptop and restart your computer.  Hit F12 when the message “Press F2 to enter Setup” appears on your screen.  

Then choose the “DVD-ROM” option from the list of available options that appear on the screen. After that, hit Enter on your keyboard.

Then, choose your language options and then the keyboard layout.  You will now be on the Windows 7 setup screen. Here is where you will need to type in your product key if you have one installed on your computer. 

Once done, hit Next. You will now be prompted to insert the installation disk into the optical drive of your ASUS laptop again. 

Follow this step by inserting the disk then restarting your computer again.  When prompted, hit the F12 key.  Then, choose the ‘Repair your computer’ option from the menu.

Hit Enter. Once on the system recovery screen, choose “Use a device”.  Then, select “Let me choose” when prompted to enter your recovery options.  From there, click windows 7 system image restore and hit Next.

If you’re using an installation disk, select from the menu and click the ‘Add’ option.  Then, select your disk drive. Now, follow the prompts on the screen and complete this process.

Once done, hit Finish to restart your ASUS laptop again. You will now be prompted to choose your services. Select all those that you want to keep and hit Next.  

Once completed, hit Finish again.

Asus Recovery Partition or AI Recovery

Another method you can use to do the task is the ASUS Recovery Partition. This is a feature found in ASUS laptops that can be used to perform a factory reset. 

Step 1: Head over to “Settings”. Next, choose “AI Recovery” from the left side of the screen. You’ll see a button with three dots on it. Place your cursor over it and hold it down for three seconds to get the ‘Help’ menu.

Step 2: Choose “AI Recovery” and follow the steps.

Just like Windows, Asus allows you to factory reset your laptop from the Control Panel. If you do, don’t forget to backup all your files before doing so. 

The recovery partition is located in the USB drive or computer disk partition that ships with newly bought laptops. Thus, it’s not easy for owners to access it. And it’s also hard to reset the Asus laptop by using the recovery drive. 

Asus Recovery Disk or AI Recovery Disk

Some ASUS notebooks can have a small partition that can help you reset your device. This is called the ASUS recovery disk. It will contain a file called “recovery-.iso”.

You can access this partition from the BIOS settings of your computer. You’ll find it there under devices and drives > Boot Device > CD/DVD/HDD. 

Asus also has a separate utility for resetting your device. The tool is called “AI Recovery” and is available in the support center on the Asus website. 

How does it work? 

Download the AI Recovery Tool on your computer. 

Double-click the file to launch the setup. The setup will extract two files onto your computer -“AI Recovery Tool” and “logo”. 

Run “AI Recovery Tool” by double-clicking it and then pressing ‘Next’.

Switch your laptop off, press, and hold F10 or ESC when you power up your device. Note: This will vary from model to model. 

When your device is on, you should see the “Press F10 or ESC when PC boots to run setup” message on the screen and then press it.

When the AI Recovery Tool runs, you are prompted to select either “Factory reset” or “Decompress BIOS”. After you have made your selection, press Next and the process will begin.

The tool will reboot your device after the process is complete. You can then proceed with your day by pressing “Delete” during the Windows setup to wipe it clean. 


How do I Permanently Delete Everything Off My Laptop?

On Windows Computers, hold the Windows button, and R. A run box will appear. Type cmd and press enter on your keyboard. 

In the command prompt type: 

“DEL /p C:\ driveletter:\*.*” (This will permanently delete everything from your computer’s C drive)

Some other methods to delete files are using the built-in Recycling Bin, or by using Shift+Del to permanently delete files directly off the hard drive.

Does a Factory Setting Reset Delete Everything?

No. Factory resetting is not the same as erasing or formatting your entire device. When resetting your laptop, it simply returns its hardware to the previous state and basic functions. 

The fact that all data and programs will be deleted only applies to a factory reset done on a computer without a disk partitioning system installed. If you have one, your computer will return to the state when it was first bought out of the box.


Asus is a great company with a better product line than its competitors. However, if you’re looking to factory reset your Asus Laptop and want to do it without having to use the recovery partition, then your best bet would be the steps listed above. 

If you have any particular issue with your Asus laptop, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, remember that some steps may work for some Asus laptops and may fail on others. So before trying any of these methods, make sure you’ve tried the most basic steps first. 

Written By Eric Smith

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