What does FPS Mean in Gaming?

FPS is a term used in the gaming sector, and it means “frames per second”. FPS equates to the number of images projected by your monitor per second. A higher FPS means the game will be smoother and have a better response.

A low FPS will make the game lag, thus making it less enjoyable. Gamers have heard about this term, and most desire to know all that it partakes.

You can use your laptop to watch your favorite tv series as well as play heavy games if it supports higher frame rates. Below we discuss everything you should know about FPS.

What is FPS?

FPS stands for “frames per second”. It entails the number of images displayed on your monitor per second. It also signifies the number of images rendered by the graphic cards per second.

For example, if you play a game at 30FPS, the monitor displays 30 images at a time. In other instances, FPS stands for “First-Person-Shooter”.

How Much FPS Should You Have When Gaming?

This is the most common question beginners ask. It is also common to some experts since not everybody is familiar with it. The amount of FPS you need depends on the game you want to play.

It would be best to use the highest FPS if you want a seamless gaming experience. Below we categorize the different types of FPS and which is most suitable for gaming.

30FPS – 60FPS:

This FPS is found in consoles and other high-quality computer games. This is because they are heavy and overwork the system. This range is ideal, especially if the game is offline.

The 30FPS is the bare minimum for any game to function well. However, it is hard to notice any lag unless the FPS rate goes below 20FPS.

60 FPS:

To many people, 60FPS is the best for gaming on any platform. In the console sector, most cannot exceed this FPS. However, you should have no problem reaching 60FPS if you use a high-end PC. With these PCs, you can play any game at this range.

120 FPS:

You can reach this FPS range only by using gaming computers. There is no better experience than gaming at 120FPS.

Note that you cannot enjoy the 120FPS if your screen supports 30FPS. This is because the monitor cannot exceed its initial range. It would be great to buy a 60FPS monitor to play a game in any range. An example is the 144Hz.

240FPS and above:

People with robust gaming machines love first-person shooter games. Remember, you cannot enjoy this gaming range unless you buy a 240Hz monitor. 

It is challenging to have a stable FPS range because it fluctuates depending on the game. A higher FPS means a better gaming experience.

How Are FPS and Refresh Rate Co-related?

As stated above, FPS means “frames per second”. It entails the number of images displayed on your monitor per second. This means that if the FPS is 30, the monitor shows about 30 separate frames every second.

A 60Hz monitor is enough if your games do not exceed 60 frames per second. Upgrading your computer to accommodate 60FPS is not enough; you need to get a better monitor too.

It is also advisable to buy a better monitor if your gaming PC supports 60FPS-150FPS. 240HZ monitors are fit for an FPS that exceeds 150.

A high FPS rate will improve the game’s responsiveness and graphics. The FPS rates will transition seamlessly as long as the game has realistic graphics.

Does High FPS Provide you With an Advantage?

A higher FPS gives you an edge over your rivals, especially when you play a competitive game. This will happen if the opponent has a lower FPS than you. You need an excellent refresh monitor and FPS if you want to be miles ahead.

High FPS makes the gaming experience smooth and prevents lagging. You will also react faster than the opponent. You will have a better response and observation when your screen supports many frames. All gamers hate lagging, and you should use quality monitors to enjoy this experience.

Why You Should Use a High FPS

It is without any doubt that a high FPS is essential to every gamer. However, a low FPS is better in some instances. Below we discuss why;

  1. Immersion: Most movies are filmed in 25FPS. This means you will have a cinematic-like feeling by using 30FPS. Old games do not need you to use motion technology. This is because it makes the animation look clunky when you use a high frame.
  2. Smoothness: It is advisable to adjust your PC at 30 if you have difficulty choosing a stable frame range. This will make your gaming experience better.

What is Screen Tearing?

You will see a screen tearing every time the graphics card un-syncs with the monitor. It is advisable to turn on the V-sync whenever this happens to take charge of the control.

Advantages of High FPS During Gaming

Below are the most common advantages of FPS during gaming;

1. You Will Not Experience an Input Lag

A high frame rate does not decrease the lag. It would be best if you had a high FPS in competitive gaming. You will reduce lag by having a good framerate.

A high FPS is essential in games like Counter-Strike. This is because the reaction time between you and your opponent is equal.

This means you see each other and shoot simultaneously. It does not matter the monitor in use, and you can enjoy a lesser lag on a 60Hz screen.

2. Reduced Stutters

Tearing in games occurs when the FPS rate is negligible. This feature is essential in old games that need hundreds of frames every second to function.

With the above information, you now know what FPS is. A higher FPS rate will improve your gaming experience, especially if it is online multiplayer one. You will be miles ahead of your competitor in games that need real-time action like Call Of Duty.

There are several ranges of FPS, like 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS, among others. To find the best match for your needs, you need to first establish the kind of games you are into. You can then research the recommended FPS for these games and find an up to the task monitor.

Nevertheless, if your budget allows you, it is advisable to buy a monitor with the highest FPS. This way, you can enjoy all kind of games, including the latest ones, without worrying about the recommended FPS range. Also, you bid goodbye to annoying lags.

Written By Callum Wright

With a background as a business owner for a company wokring with 3D animation and Visual Effects, Callum is just the person you need when you need help regarding laptops for professional use like graphics designing, photo editing, and general business administration.