Best League Of Legends Settings 2022: Playing LOL Like A Pro

Considering that you already have a laptop that meets minimum LOL system requirements tweaking your LoL settings is an excellent way of establishing dominance in the Summoners Rift. Optimizing settings is a vital element of every player’s gaming life and could mean the difference between winning and losing a game.

However, we acknowledge that the Client might seem somewhat intimidating for first-timers, and even seasoned players, who aren’t used to messing around with their game settings, but fret not; we have your back as we always do. This is a comprehensive guide on the most relevant settings for LoL. 

Being more than just mere tweaks on game aesthetics, these fundamental adjustments help boost your FPS and make visible all critical information besides enhancing your in-play reaction.


Best LoL Client Settings

From the onset, we’d like to point out opting into this setting and turning it into low-spec mode should be your primary consideration before proceeding to in-game settings.

Here’s why; it’s all about reducing power usage on one end and focusing the same elsewhere in the league where it more consequential.

To enable this, you should follow few simple steps. 

  • First, launch the game and proceed to settings.
  • Click on general settings.
  • Go to ‘enable low spec’ and click!

Easy as pie, huh? Once done, you may then commence with adjusting the rest of the settings to your liking.

Best LoL Interface Settings

The rule of the thumb is- personal preference over everything! For amateur players, however, these settings may act as a guideline. As one’s confidence grows, they may play around with the settings and find their sweet spot.

InterfaceBest LoL Setting
HUD Scale10
Minimap Scale100
Chat Scale50
Cursor Scale50
Death Recap Scale75-100

 HUD Scale  

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is an essential component in LoL, and equally in other games, and refers to whatever is displayed on the screen while one is gaming.

It encompasses vital elements, such as the minimap, health bar, among others, all purposed to aid the player.

Essentially, HUDs shouldn’t be a hindrance to a player’s gameplay. In LoL, we recommend that the HUD Scale be reduced to as low as possible but to a level the player is comfortable with. 

The point is to give the player an immersive gaming experience while simultaneously reducing distraction.

Minimap Scale- 100

The Minimap Scale should always maintain this at 100. Having the Minimap Scale maxed out makes it easier for the player to spot others on the map.

Chat Scale

Two dominant schools of thought emerge when it comes to Chat and whether it should be maxed out or otherwise.

On the one hand, we have proponents holding the view that maintaining the scale a tad bit below the maximum goes a long way in assisting the player in reading team conversations and disseminating valuable information at the same time. 

This school of thought opines that the Chat Scale should be maintained at anywhere between 65-75.

On the opposite side, some subscribe to the view the chat is nothing but a mere unnecessary distraction and that that’s how it should be perceived. To this group, anyone with a contrary opinion is their arch-nemesis.

That said, we tend to take a neutral approach to this issue. It all trickles down to the basics, your personal preference! Pro players such as Doublelift use a scale of 50, which we highly recommend. However, if it doesn’t work out for you, consider tweaking the same to a value convenient. Some players place it at 0.

Cursor Scale- 50

Placing it at 50 guarantees visibility while simultaneously preventing gameplay blockage.

Death Recap Scale- 75-100

The real question to ask yourself revolves around the real value or effect which death recap has on your game strategy and gameplay.

Best LoL Mouse and DPI Settings

Unlike in other games, you will certainly click your mouse more while playing LoL, where character positioning and repositioning are the norms.

Besides Champion movement, extraneous factors worth considering include mouse positioning, known for its impact on the general direction your abilities travel in and the ones they connect within the process.

One must know how to best optimize the mouse settings for maximum advantage while taking on enemies in the fields of justice. Below are some of the potent mouse settings you may find useful in your LoL.

ElementBest LoL Setting
Mouse Speed20-25
Camera Move Speed (Mouse)15-20
Camera Move Speed (Keyboard)55-60
Mouse DPI1200-1600
Mouse AccelerationOff

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Mouse Acceleration- Turn it off  

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward, i.e., to foster mouse accuracy while gaming. Most professional players would agree that when mouse acceleration is left on, the inevitable consequence is a random rise and fall in mouse speeds according to your movement’s extent.

Besides, what kind of competitive player wouldn’t want to exercise absolute control over their clicks and points? With the mouse acceleration turned off, the player enjoys heightened mouse precision and consistency, which boosts muscle memory.

To toggle the mouse acceleration configuration, follow these simple steps;

  • First, proceed to your windows search bar and key in “Mouse Settings.”
  • Click on “Change Mouse Settings.”
  • Select “Additional Mouse Options.”
  • Proceed to the “Pointer Options” tab and select it.
  • Uncheck the “Enhance Pointer Precision” box.
  • Select Apply and click Ok. Finito!

Mouse DPI

First things first, you can only optimize DPI settings in gaming dedicated mice. As such, if you don’t own one, you know exactly what to do.

Moving on, dots per inch or DPI, in short, signify the number of pixels one covers in a single mouse movement. Lower DPI values signify that one has to move a considerable distance mouse pad or mat to point at or click on an object.

The opposite is true for higher DPI values where a slight movement achieves outstanding results.

In League, personal preference rules! Notwithstanding, we still recommend a higher DPI, though, since, in this game, speed is consequential, to say the least. As such, you are better placed if you’re able to react quicker than your competitors.

Consequently, a DPI value anywhere between 1200 and 1600 should translate into a noticeable performance boost. However, since every good thing has a flip side to it, it happens that with higher DPI, you’ll need to sacrifice the “accuracy” aspect.

Don’t be alarmed; however, as we shall see in subsequent paragraphs, more settings tend to neutralize this negativity. It is noteworthy that your arm and wrist should rest comfortably, as this will go a long way in keeping wrist strain at bay.

Mouse Speed

Mouse speed should maintain it anywhere between 20-25 to balance out the impact of high DPI values. At such low in-game mouse speeds, control is easily maintained.

Camera Move Speed (Mouse)

You should maintain it anywhere between 15-20.

Camera Move Speed (Keyboard)

Should be maintained at any value within the range of 55 – 60 for ultimate performance

Graphics and Video Settings

ElementBest LoL Setting
WindowFullscreen or Borderless mode
Character qualityMedium
Environment qualityLow
Effects qualityLow
Character inkingOff
Frame RateUncapped

Window Settings- The ideal way to play League is on full screen or borderless mode.

Resolution- It is advisable to have the gaming resolution at 1920×1080. It also helps to set the resolution equal to your monitor’s native resolution. You may consider lowering the resolution of your device to experience a bump in performance.

Graphics- should be set to custom.

Character quality- To avoid a dip in frame rate, you should set character quality to medium as the same affects the in-game visuals. Setting to medium translates to a decent performance boost.

Environment Quality- It’s important to understand your purpose in anything that you do, LoL included. Are you here to win or admire the game world environment?

If it’s winning you’re after; you need to understand that maxing out the environmental quality has minimal if any effect on your gaming. Lowering the same will give you the much-needed FPS boost. 

Effects quality- Experienced players always set the quality of effects to low for an enhanced performance boost.

Shadows- They are worthless. Turn them off.

Character Inking- Switch it off as well.

Frame Rate- Placing this setting uncapped allows the game to adjust the frames to correspond to your system’s refresh rate, which is a plus for any gamer. But only if your system has a high refresh rate. It is one of the reasons why the best laptops for LOL feature a 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate.

Anti-Aliasing- involves a delicate but worthwhile trade-off between jagged edges and a significant boost in frames per second. We recommend turning it off. 

V-Sync- You save frames by turning this setting off.

Time Stamps- Enable

Dear summoner! You have all the reasons to enable the all-important timestamp settings. It is a vital setting for every player, and this quality is attributed to the fact that with timestamps, you can readily track summoner spell usage with unparalleled ease.

Additionally, if the chat is also enabled, the keen player may readily take advantage of this and communicate material facts to your mates.

An illustration of the advantage you stand to gain is as follows; while gaming with the timestamp enabled, let’s say, you see your adversary use a Summoner Spell.

You then immediately punch the tab button, click on the summoner spell used and notify your teammates of this fact.

Notably, summoner spells have a specific cooldown period before the gamer can re-use them. Once you are aware of this, you can maximize your attacks’ intensity, knowing very well that within the particular time frame, it’s virtually impossible for the enemy to use the same summoner spell. This may spell victory for you and your team.

To enable this setting;

  • Proceed to the options menu and click on the interface
  • Click on “Show timestamps” and press ok.

Quick Cast/ Smart Cast

This is another essential setting that players should apply at all times. The bottom-line with this setting is that it saves you time by negating the necessity for a confirmation click once you’re in the thick of things.

You have room to cast out your ability much faster and saving you some milliseconds in the process, which might be the lifeline you need in battle. It makes a remarkable difference.

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Q1. What sensitivity should I use for League of Legends?

It solely depends on what one is comfortable with while gaming. The most recommended sensitivity is about 1200-1600+ DPI. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that high DPI may lead to wrist injuries, and comfort should be prioritized to avoid such a scenario playing out.

Q2. How do I make my league look better?

You can achieve this through vibrance. The color settings are adjusted to provide more colorful and vibrant images.

Q3. What DPI do pro LoL players use?

LoL players are mostly advised to go for 1200-1600 DPI settings on the mouse. With this, they can target their enemies at a range without the use of a magnifying scope.

Q4. What is a good FPS for league?

 A good frame per second enables the smooth running of the game without any glitches. In many cases, a 60FPS should be achieved. This ensures that the game is very responsive and influences how a gamer reacts and processes things on the screen.

Q5. Why is LoL update so slow?

Slow updates mostly occur as a result of a few factors such as; 

  • Issues related to the network
  • League of legend’s servers
  • Numerous applications running
  • Problems with the internet connection

In a nutshell

You will be dismayed at the sheer number of settings you can tweak to gain an FPS boost and a competitive edge in League of Legends. Our guide shouldn’t be taken as an all-inclusive piece; we’ve just shed light on some of the fundamental settings. It’s a great place to start as you figure out what works best for you. Seasoned summoners may also get an idea or two on boosting their performance and establishing dominance in the rift. 

Written By Ronald Patrick

From Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch to even Minecraft, this guy has played them all in the name of testing laptops and thus knows everything there is to know about smooth, lag-free gaming.