How to Reduce Ping in League of Legends (999 Pings?, Not Anymore)

There are a couple of things that we can do to help reduce your LoL ping, which will save you from connection issues or anything of the sort. Most fixes to high ping levels are extremely easy to do and won’t take too much time, so you can hop back into playing League of Legends in no time.

How to Check Ping on League of Legends

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to view your ping in LoL, which should help you spot when it gets too high. To do so, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Start a custom game of LoL

2. Open up the Settings and click on “Display”

3. Look for the Toggle FPS Display key bind

4. Press on the key bind

This should now let you view your ping when playing League of Legends.

Good Ping Levels

This all depends on whether or not you’re a professional League of Legends player or just someone who plays casually. Most e-sports players will be playing with the lowest ping level of 1, but this isn’t easy to achieve with the North American Servers.

For players who play online multiplayer games casually, depending on your servers, anything between 10-100 or more could be just fine.

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How to Reduce Ping in League of Legends

There are a few common fixes to this problem. Some of the more solutions to dealing with your ping issues are the following:

1. Restart your PC, router, or modem: this is the easiest fix and often all that needs to be done. It’s good to restart your internet router at least once a week to keep it working smoothly. By restarting your router or modem from time to time, your internet speed shouldn’t drop.

2. Update your PC drivers: this is something you should be doing regardless, as it keeps your PC in tip-top condition to run smoothly and efficiently, and old drivers can often interfere with your ping levels.

3. Use an ethernet cable: laptop users might want to look at this as a possible fix, as an ethernet connection provides a much more stable internet connection as opposed to a wireless network connection, which means you should be able to reach the game servers much better.

4. Close unnecessary applications: most of the time, background applications can interfere with your game and cause lag. You can make use of your laptop or PC’s task manager to close other software and make sure you don’t have any browser windows or other unnecessary applications running while you play League, as it might lower your bandwidth and interfere.

5. Are you playing at the best in-game settings for LOL? Another thing you can do is lower these settings. In case you are using an old laptop/PC, there’s a good chance it does not support the game. Either upgrade your PC or get a new one to experience the game at its best.

6. Use the Riot Hextech Repair Tool: you should be able to download the official Hextech Repair Tool from the official Riot support website and should help you determine what’s causing ping spikes in your games.

7. Renew your IP address: there might a few minor glitches or errors that may cause packet loss, and resetting your IP address should fix them. Press Win + R, and type in “cmd” to open your Command Prompt window. Type in “IPCONFIG /release” and hit enter, and that should fix it.

8. Change your DNS server: go into your control panel and find the Adapter Settings,  and change the address to another one. Using a different DNS server can speed up your internet connectivity and protect you as well. You can set up multiple DNS server addresses by selecting your preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server to keep your issues to a minimum.

9. Use a VPN: information that travels through a VPN should take a more direct route to the game’s servers as opposed to when you’re just using the standard ISP packets. You should be able to send information much quicker to the League of Legends servers if you’re using a VPN while you play.

10. A slow system means constant hanging and crashing. This is why it is important you get a laptop that meets the recommended system requirements for LOL. Since LOL requirements are low, you don’t have to spend $1000+ for a good laptop.

Still unable to reduce the ping? Check out this video below for more handy tips:

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How do I get 20ms ping?

You can follow some of our steps in this article to lower your ping to this level. Most people deem ping levels between 10-50 as normal ping or above average, and anything higher than 100ms is below average already. Our guide should give you possible solutions to lower your ping, though how low it will go will depend on how well your computer will connect with the game’s servers.

Is LOL Playable with 200Ms ping?

While you can still play a game of League with 200ms ping, it won’t necessarily be the most enjoyable game. You won’t be able to play higher-tiered summons well, so if you’re playing against someone with better ping, then no matter how used to the delay you are, you won’t be able to dodge attacks aimed at you as well as they can dodge yours.

Can a VPN reduce ping?

Absolutely. Like we’ve said in our article up above, a VPN should let you send information packets out to Riot’s League of Legends servers much quicker and more directly than when using your standard internet service provider.

Is 0 ping possible in League of Legends?

While 0ms ping would be ideal for any gaming scenario, it isn’t actually possible. No matter how quick and efficient your internet connection is, you will still have to send information to and from the game servers, which will take up time. Even if that information travels within a split second, time still needs to pass before this information can travel to and from you.

Is Kill Ping safe?

While you might happen to see good reviews for Kill Ping on the internet, as it was once a popular gaming service to reduce in-game lag, it seems to have gone downhill after some time. Overall, it’s safe to use for gaming, however, there are better gaming VPN services that you can use as opposed to Kill Ping.

Why is my ping so high on LOL but my internet is good?

There’s a big chance that your ping problems or lag issues might not trace back to your internet connection, but other things like having background updates running, or that the issue lies with the game’s servers as opposed to your own laptop or PC.

Written By Ronald Patrick

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