Best Travel Laptop for 2019 (The Digital Nomad’s GuideBook)

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Whether you simply want to binge on your favorite Netflix show while sitting in a cozy hotel room or keep up with work while you soak in the beautiful sunset at a beach, there is a laptop for everything and anything.

Yup, often traveling with your laptop can be like traveling with your best friend considering you have the right laptop.

So how do you find the best laptop for travelers in 2019? Simply, just follow this guide, and we promise to help you find a laptop that will make your life on the go both fruitful and entertaining.

Best Laptop for Travel and Work

Laptops Features Editors Rating

Apple Macbook Air

Macbook Air
  • Intel Core i7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD
  • 10-12hrs Battery Life
  • 2.9lbs
  • For Blogging
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Apple Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro
  • 6 Core Intel i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 8-10hrs Battery Life
  • 4lbs
  • For Professionals
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Lenovo Chromebook C330

  • MediaTek MT8173C Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64GB eMMC
  • 8-9hrs Battery Life
  • 2.5lbs
  • For Entertainment
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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6
  • Intel Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD
  • 10hrs Battery Life
  • 1.7lbs
  • For Light work & Entertainment
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ASUS VivoBook Pro 17

Vivobook 17 Laptop
  • Intel Core i7-8565U
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • 6-7hrs Battery Life
  • 4.6lbs
  • For Professionals
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Detailed Laptop Reviews for Travelers

#1: Apple MacBook Air (Best Laptop for Travel Blogging)

Ever wondered why most travelers prefer Apple Laptops over others? Simple, it offers both, quick and efficient functionality and more importantly, portability. More about it below.

Macbook Air for Travel Bloggers

The Good

Did you know that the MacBook Air just weighs just about 2.9kgs? Plus, it is also what you can categorize as ‘Ultra-Portable’. This means it fits into almost any bag making it super easy to carry it around.

Another reason is its long battery life. How long? How about 10-12 hours on a single charge? Well, that beats most Windows laptops for sure and ensures you do not need to running around looking for power outlets every 4-5 hours.

But that is not all, this MacBook Air is packed with power as well since it comes with an i7 Processor capable of turbo boosting to 3.2GHz (so you know it is going to be quick).

Furthermore, it also has an 8GB RAM which in tandem with the 128GB SSD offers great speed of multitasking. Not to forget, the SSD also increases booting time and 128GB is plenty of storage your travel images, videos, etc.

Its power-packed configuration means it isn’t just ideal for finishing up those articles you have pending on your blog. But also supports light graphics designing or photo editing (so you always have the best images go along with the article).

It also has two USB 3.0 Ports. So when you are looking to transfer files to and fro the Air, expect speeds of about 5GBPS. Not enough?

Then how about the Thunderbolt 2 port which turns up the heat with 20GBPS? (now that is lightning fast).

Lastly, the backlit keyboard enables you to work even in the dark (on the mountain top or in the green forests, now type just as easily as you would at home)

The Bad

The Intel HD Graphics 6000 is pretty basic so it does not support too much gaming or other graphics-intensive tasks and this definitely not for professional use.

The display quality does not match that of a retina display but nonetheless, the 13-inch display is quite large and clear for watching movies, photos, and videos, etc.

  • It is an ultraportable laptop as it is compact and weighs just 2.9 pounds
  • Gives you a long battery life of 10-12 hours for an uninterrupted working
  • It comes with an 8GB RAM ideal for multitasking
  • The 128GB SSD provides great speed and decent space for file storage
  • The i7 processor turbo boosts to 3.2GHz
  • With two USB 3.0 ports, you get excellent transfer speeds of around 5GBPS
  • But Thunderbolt 2.0 port takes that to a whole new level with 20GBPS of speed
  • Backlight keyboard makes it easy to work in low light
  • The laptop remains cool when running multiple browsers, videos or even tabs

  • Does not come with a Retina Display
  • Graphics Card is average
  • It is ideal only for lightweight tasks

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#2: Apple MacBook Pro (Best Laptop for Travel Photographers and Vloggers)

While the Air was for light work, the Pro is actually the Professionals choice. Whether you are an editor, graphic designer, or programmer, this is the MacBook you deserve. Let’s find out why.

MacBook Pro

The Good

First and Foremost, it has a 6-core i7 processor that clocks at an astonishing 4.3GHz making it one of the fastest and most powerful CPU’s you will find especially in MacBook’s.

It is also equipped with a 16GB RAM so you can go crazy with your multitasking (now edit videos etc. without having to shut off background programs).

The 512GB SSD guarantees you quick loading of files and programs and even faster booting time than the Air so your laptop is up and ready in mere seconds. Don’t think that’s enough? Well, how about an expansion of a whopping 4TB?

But the 2 talking points of the latest pro models are the Retina Display and Touch Bar. Here’s a brief breakdown of the two.

Whether you are working on graphics or chilling watching Netflix over the weekend, now, experience colors and brightness like never before with the large 15” Retina Display. And that too not just in Full-HD but in 4k as well.

Also, forget those static buttons on the top of the keyboard and say hello to the smarter, more versatile touch bar.

The touch bar displays options relevant to the task at hand. From brightness and volume control, rewinding movies to predictive text, emoji’s, sending those email and messages will get a whole lot easier and fun.

The four Thunderbolt 3 ports are blazing quick with speeds of about 40GBPS when it comes to data transfers or even charging your smartphones, smartwatch, etc.

And even with all that power and high-end features, the laptop is capable of delivering a run-time of 8-10 hours and re-chargers is just a couple of hours (just the icing on the cake that was needed).

The Bad

Well, there isn’t much to fault about the laptop except its heavy price tag as it can cost you over $2000. But for any professional, this is an absolute beast and yet manages to remain just about 4lbs for easy carrying.

  • Comes with one of the fastest processors as it turbo boosts to 4.3GHz
  • The 16GB RAM guarantees you smooth operation even during heavy multitasking
  • The 512GB SSD gives excellent speed and can also be expanded to 4TB if need be
  • With the Retina Display, you get colors and brightness like none other
  • It also supports 4k viewing
  • The Touch Bar automatically display functions based on the task being performed
  • From predictive text to rewinding movies, the touch bar is a welcome addition
  • The 4 Thunderbolt 3.0 ports offer blazing fast speeds of about 40GBPS
  • It comes with an 8-10-hour battery life
  • The laptop weighs just about 4 pounds and thus is light enough for easy carrying

  • On the expensive side

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#3: Lenovo Chromebook C330 (Best Travel Laptop Under 500)

Looking for a travel laptop on the cheap? At less than $500, this Convertible Lenovo Chromebook is where your search finally ends.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

The Good

The reason the laptop is so ideal for travelers is because of its touchscreen and 360-degree convertibility. This the laptop can also be used as a tablet or even in the tent mode.

So whether you are cramped up for space in a flight or spending the night on someone’s couch, the Chromebook is pretty easy to use for browsing, movies, music, etc.

Plus, it only weighs 2.6lbs and is compact enough to be carried around in the hands and comfortably fits into any handbag as well making it a traveler’s delight.

But that is not all, for a cheap Chromebook, the C330 can pack a punch as well with its MediaTek MT8173C Processor and 4GB LPDDR3 Memory good enough to browse on multiple tabs, windows, watching movies all day long or even light gaming on the Chrome OS.

Furthermore, making all those long hours of travel entertaining is the 11-inch HD IPS display which delivers good sharpness and contrast.

There is also a 64GB eMMC storage so you know the laptop will be lightning fast when it comes to booting and loading up apps while giving you a decent amount of storage for images, videos, etc.

But what if you need more storage? Well, that is where the free 100GB of Cloud Storage on Google Drive comes in handy.

The laptop has USB 3.0 ports so you can enjoy quick transfer speeds and also charge your devices like smartphones, watches, etc. You also have the option of connecting 2 devices using Bluetooth thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 Technology.

Lastly, it has an 8-10 hour battery life which is pretty good for a low-costing Chromebook so you do not have to worry about carrying your charger or looking for power outlets all the time.

The Bad

On the downsides, it is not the most advanced laptop and neither does it support any Windows software which limits its use for entertainment purposes only.

Also, it does not have a full-HD screen.

  • Its touchscreen and 360-degree convertibility make it the ideal travel laptop
  • This means you can use it in tent mode or even as a tablet
  • It weighs just 2.6lbs and is compact enough to fit into any bag or carried in hand
  • With its MediaTek MT8173C Processor and 4GB LPDDR3 Memory, it can handle everyday browsing, etc. with relative ease
  • The 11-inch HD IPS display is quite clear and bright
  • You get additional 100GB of Cloud Storage on Google Drive
  • It has a long 8-10-hour battery life
  • USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect and even charge devices like your smartphone etc.
  • With Bluetooth 4.1, you can connect2 devices at once
  • It is one of the most cost-effective travel laptops

  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Does not feature a Full-HD display

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#4: Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Where the Lenovo Chromebook lacks, the Surface Pro 6 makes up and is one of the best new launches especially for travelers with an eye for graphics and photo editing and here’s why.

The Good

If you are looking for a mid-range work and play laptop the Surface Pro perfectly hits the brief with its 8th Gen i5 Processor and its 8GB RAM.

This means the laptop can easily run software like Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. and even games such as PUBG or Fortnite (though it is more of an artist’s laptop, who does not enjoy the occasional break, right?).

Further, enabling you to work at faster speeds while giving you enough space to install heavy editing software is the 128GB SSD.

Think you need more power, space, and memory? Luckily, you also have the option of an i7 processor, 1TB SSD storage and a 16GB RAM (now that is what I would call a peach of a laptop).

Allowing designers to work on the go is the portability and versatility of the Surface Pro. In an instant, you can flip from a laptop to tablet or even into studio mode (adapts to just the way you want to use it for).

It also features Cortana, the Windows Virtual Assistant. So whether you want to make appointments, reschedule them, get latest flight tickets, etc. you have an on the go assistant ready to do the job for you anywhere anytime.

Another standout feature of the Surface Pro 6 is the variety of accessories compatible with it. From an external keyboard, mouse to even surface dial or a pen, these accessories will make using the laptop a breeze.

Furthermore, the laptop easily fits into the ultralight category since it weighs just and I repeat just 1.7lbs (even your kids can carry this in their hands).

And just like any high-end powerful laptop, this one will also stick by you for 8-10 hours on a single charge which is ample for a hard day’s work.

Lastly, 12.3-inch PixelSense Display gives you decent colors and contrast to help you get the job done well enough. Not full HD, but yet, impressive.

The Bad

Like I mentioned above, it does not support Full-HD or 4k display which is a tad disappointing.

Also since all the accessories are sold separately, it can become expensive.

  • It has an 8th Gen i5 Processor and its 8GB RAM for quick and efficient multitasking
  • The 128GB SDD reduces booting time and loads up programs faster
  • It is also plenty of storage space for your travel videos and images or work files
  • You can switch to a tablet, tent mode or studio mode in mere seconds
  • Weighs just 1.7lbs and thus easy to carry around
  • It has an excellent 8-10-hour battery life for uninterrupted work or gaming
  • Cortana acts as your virtual assistant helping you stay on top of important tasks
  • It has a variety of accessories that make using the laptop easy peasy
  • The PixelSense Technology display does a great job of capturing details

  • None of the accessories are available for free
  • It does not support 4k or Full-HD display

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