Asus High-end Display VivoBooks Launched In Europe

It is now official, the VivoBook Pro 14, VivoBook Pro 14X, VivoBook Pro 15, and VivoBook Pro 16X are now in the European market.

These new laptops come with the option for either Ryzen 5000 or Intel Tiger Lake, as well as OLED screens. Some also have Thunderbolt 4 offering up to RTX 3050 Ti GPUs.

The ASUS laptops that were announced for the European market have new panel types that are FHD.

However, the Pro 14, 14X, and 16X come with either 2.5k up to 4k depending on the configuration you choose.

The OEM made them available with 11th Gen Intel H35 or AMD Zen 3 platform options, outperforming the Core i7-11370H or Ryzen 9 5900HX in high-end options.

VivoBook Pro 14

14-inch SKUs with Tiger Lake technology can be paired with GeForce GTX 1650 graphics, although its VivoBook 15 counterpart can be upgraded (at least on paper) to the RTX 3050.

Again, advanced SKUs can engage with 3050 Ti replacements. The new VivoBooks can have up to 32GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and up to 1TB of SSD.

Interestingly, Asus also announced that pre-orders can also be made with OEM’s new Dial-enabled trackpad.

The VivoBook OLED family will be available in Q4 2021. Asus estimates it will start at 799 euros.

For Pro 14 families (~ US $ 949), while for Pro 15 families the minimum price is € 949 (~ $ 1,128). Finally, the VivoBook Pro 16X is priced at $ 1,299 (~ $ 1544) for the lowest price.

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