[New Release] Dell 14-Inch Portable USB-C Monitor

A new pricey premium monitor is due for release by Dell on August 31st. This new portable monitor looks like it was plucked off an XPS laptop.

It comes with a 1080p LED-backlit IPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate and a 6ms response time. It can be used as a secondary display for your USB-C laptop.

The new monitor that has a few standout features will go for $349.99. It is Dell’s first portable monitor which Dell refers to as the C1422H.

Designed with a minimalist design, this monitor has narrow bezels and a built-in tilting stand that can turn between 10 degrees and 90 degrees. It also weighs less than two pounds with a pick brightness of 300 nits.

Dell 14-Inch Portable USB-C Monitor
Image Credit: 9to5Toys.com

On either side of the monitor base is a USB-C port that can receive and pass power through. Using DisplayPort 1.2 alt mode, the USB-C ports can also handle a video feed.

When connected to your laptop, it pulls power from the laptop. To keep your device charged while connected to the monitor, plug its USB-C power adaptor into the other USB-C port in the monitor base. This allows for a 65W passthrough power for a system that ideally uses 90W or a greater power supply according to Dell.

Being a new venture for Dell, the portable monitor’s high price begs the question of how Dell came up with the pricing.

Compared to other similar monitors from other vendors, this price is on the high side.

Asus 15-inch IPS portable monitor

For instance, Asus’s 15-inch IPS portable monitor goes for only $200 while Lenovo’s 14-inch portable display (which closely mirrors this new Dell portable monitor) goes for only $246.

To add to this, Dell doesn’t promise any features of this new monitor that give it an edge over the others. No better color accuracy promises or even faster refresh rates that would warrant the higher price.

However, the monitor comes with a protective sleeve and a 3-year advanced exchange service meaning that Dell will ship you a new monitor the next day should there be a defect on the monitor for the three-year limited warranty period.

Written By Callum Wright

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