M1 Macs SSD Wear Fixed In MacOS 11.4

Previous reports of heavy SSD wear in Apple Silicon Mac now appear to have been corrected in macOS 11.4.

SSDs can be written on only so many times before they become unusable, but it takes many years.

A series of reports in February 2021 about SSDs in M1 Macs suggested that their life was significantly reduced.

At the time, a source from Apple, who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, told us that this was a data reporting error in the tools used to report SSD consumption.

According to this source, it is not considered to be a real hardware problem with the SSD, nor does the SSD age much faster than before due to RAM replacement or other reasons.

The same source reported that the problem was fixed in the latest version of macOS.

One Twitter resident who initially reported the problem, developer Hector Martin, also said separately (just before macOS 11.4 came out) that the update on macOS corrected the problem: the problem seems to be resolved in 11.4.

M1 Macs SSD wear fixed

However, Martin maintains, in this Twitter message, that this was a real problem causing drive wear, as opposed to the ‘incorrect reading’ alluded to by an Apple Insider source.

However, the issue seems to have been fixed by macOS 11.4, so this should be a thing of the past when this update is applied. This update 11.4 also applies a bunch of security updates and treats some bugs, including Safari issues.

Laptop Verge can now independently verify that macOS 11.4 also reports correct statistics at work where it has not been before.

The update was originally implemented in the beta version of macOS 11.4. It was availed to the public in macOS 11.4.

Written By Eric Smith

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