Spammer Desperately Tries to Undermine Blue Security

In what appears to be a last-ditch attempt at scaring subscribers to Blue Security’s “Do Not Intrude” registry, one very prominent spammer has started to resort to scare-tactics targeted toward members of the Blue Security community. I received one of these emails today, and while it sounds forboding it is, as one Blue Security community member said, “like a sheep in wolf’s clothing”. Here are the relevant contents of the email:

Update #1: The Blue Security website has been hit by a DoS attack and is currently down, though their software is still working. If you’re interested in more reading on the subject, you can look through this excellent article on Blue Security.

Update #2: I have yet to receive a single additional spam email to any of my email addresses. The promised increase in spam has yet to show up for me, though others are reporting more heavy spamming, especially of notices similar to this one. The Blue Security website continues to be under attack from spammers, but I was able to get through for a few minutes to see that they have posted up a new message to spammers saying that they will not back down and will continue to fight against them.

Update #3: While reading the comments keep in mind that Fred, Mark, Laurie, Ronald, Killthem, SpamKing, Rick, Frank, and Paul are all the same person. This same spammer used the same person’s computer to post all of his comments under these various aliases. You should also notice the similar spelling and grammar mistakes in all of his posts.

Update #4: One of my email accounts has started receiving bounced spam messages indicating that the spammers have started using it as the “from” address on their spams. My other 3 protected accounts have seen no activity, I’m assuming because they weren’t on this spammer’s list to begin with.

Update #5: It appears as though Blue Security is slowly but surely bringing their site back online. I can now access the members’ area and log in. My Blue Frog software is also connecting again. If you want to sign up, but haven’t been able to, you should be able to do that now–barring any new, unforseen attacks on the website.

This sounds scary, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Blue Security’s email address registry remains secure contrary to what this spammer would have you believe. The way subscribers’ emails were obtained was by checking the spammer’s own list of emails against the Do Not Intrude registry. Normally spammers will get the emails of those who subscribe returned to them and will then remove those emails from their spamming lists. This one, however, has taken another approach. Instead of taking those hits off of his spam lists, he is sending them these intimidating emails.

What’s so funny about this approach is that if you do remove yourself from the Blue Security registry, you’ll still receive normal spam from this spammer. He has no intention of taking your email address off of his spam list, he just wants you to stop fighting back against the spam you already receive from him (Blue Security only goes after spammers who send spam emails with no opt-outs to its members). Emails like this are proof that Blue Security is getting noticed by these spammers by making it unprofitable for them to continue sending their unsolicited mail to unwilling recipients. Recently Blue Security has made great strides toward its goal of eliminating spam for its users. On the account where I received this email, I used to receive over a dozen spams every day. Recently, within the past two weeks, I have seen spam to this address slow and almost halt. Today I’m averaging just one or two spam emails daily.

I personally hope that this email has the opposite effect from what this spammer wishes. Hopefully, more people will sign up for the Do Not Intrude registry, and make Blue Security even stronger.

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